Well hello there you ^_^

Thank you for taking the time out to either browse thoroughly through my website or just skimming because you have a short attention span (I get it. Trust me.) I’ll try to keep this short which will be so hard ’cause I love writing essays! So who am I? Well, in general I’m that girl who always loved to play it safe. I’m perfectly cool with being indoors to be honest.

Funny enough that’s NOT me when it comes to my love for photography. With photography I actually want to explore and try new things, see new things and experience new things. It gets me so excited that I pretty much forget to eat for a full day. Ever experienced that? Its thrilling.

My main categories are Portraits/Lifestyle (Couples | Families | etc); Conceptual Photography & Wedding Photography. The conceptual shoots I do that are my own are not just pretty pictures but there’s a story behind it. Wedding Photography is such an important role! It’s beautiful to see a bride & groom enter into a covenant and to be able to celebrate that in front of all their loved ones.

I’ve always been someone that despised pretense and so that reflects in my work. I’m not a lover of Photoshop so if you were to ask me to remove pimples, make you thinner or bigger, you’d get a no from me and that just means I’m not the perfect fit for you and that’s okay. Everyone has a fit.

I love to reveal who people are in the images. When I shoot people I often ask “How do you ‘usually’ pose?”. Photoshoots shouldn’t be stiff and obviously posed. But instead it should be natural and authentic. In a culture filled with beauty filters, I strive for authenticity. With that being said, I look forward to hearing from you!