Joshua and Stacey decided to tie the knot on February 23rd, 2018. I met them for the first time in the same month of the wedding but had been speaking to Stacey since late in 2018. When I met them they were so calm and had such a gentle nature about them. This was something that was still evident on the day of their wedding.

At the engagement shoot of Joshua and Stacey was where I met little Aria. She reflected the nature of her parents – being so calm and so so adorable. In the image below she had told her mom “Mommy, you look like a princess.” The expression on her mom’s face brought so much joy. What a beautiful way to affirm your mom.

The grooms were as chilled as usual. I could see the eagerness and a little bit of nerves on Joshua’s face as he began to get ready for this day that his been waiting for for a while. I learnt that one of the reasons he loves Stacey so much is because they’re both into gaming, more like online gaming! Haha.

While I was busy shooting the groom and bride, my second shooter for the day, Ashleigh Swarts kindly got the views of the venue and the decor both at the reception and the ceremony before everyone arrived.

The time has finally arrived, the bride has come. The amount of emotions in this image is priceless.

If you’re wondering why the photo session is during the day and the ceremony was at night, it’s because the photo session had to be documented on a separate day after the wedding. Due to unfortunate circumstances, they had to cut out the photo session on the day of the wedding due to a lack of time. I made an agreement with Joshua and Stacey on the same night of their wedding that we will do a reshoot. Even if that means getting hair and make up done again. The photo session is so important. It’s what ties the entire day together. This is where I can get even more intimate moments of the couple together – just the two of them being consumed by one another in that moment.

This image below is such a perfect example of submission. Submission is not dominance as some people have tainted it to be.Submission is serving your husband whole heartedly – but the husband is also serving the wife. He serves her to allow her to flourish. He doesn’t dominate her. He loves her through serving. And she the same. How beautiful is it when a husband and wife are not in competition, but are each other’s greatest support in whatever they achieve and aspire to do and to be.

The venue was at Ou Stal Equestrian. An absolutely beautiful and radiant venue.

Many blessings on your covenant ahead Mr & Mrs Abrahams. Continue remaining the sweet and humble couple that you are, along with Aria and the rest to come ^_^