I’ve known the bride, Chene for quite a number of years now – I actually did her 21st images somewhere around the time I started photography. Needless to say, my work wasn’t that great then but Chene was pleased enough to the point that she still told her fiance, Justin many years later to look me up as a possibility.

I think I was one of the first vendors they ticked off their list – they did their planning very quickly and they did it well.

When I arrived at Chene’s house on the day of the wedding, my first thought was “what’s with all the paparazzi outside?”. I later learned that there were actually two TV show crews there on the day. Yes, Justin and Chene were total celebrities on the day haha.

Despite the TV show crews being there trying to also get their shots in, Chene remained the same. Her attitude nor behaviour did not change because of all the spotlight. That on top of the fact that it’s your wedding day is insanely inspiring.

My second shooter for the day, Ashleigh Swarts handled the groom, Justin. She got there quite early which was a benefit in her favour because the TV crews rocked up as she was about to leave – leaving them to have Justin to themselves.

Their wedding was held at Altydilig in Stellenbosch. An absolutely stunning venue with beautiful views. Looking at the vineyards I couldn’t wait to get Justin and Chene in there.

Tell me something, can you sense the emotions in the images below? Joy, nerves, excitement. The look on Justin’s face just screams “Chene, can I just marry you already?!”.

The day was a little conflicting in a technical manner because of all the TV crews. Naturally, every video person would want to get their shot just as much as I need to get my shot, because of this I had to give way a lot and be aware and alert for many other video persons. Chené did tell me from the get go that I need to get my shots because I was the main documenter for the day.

It was a bit challenging and in some cases, I couldn’t get the crews out of my shot – hence why you’ll see different cameras in my shots or boom poles.

As awesome as it was for Justin and Chené’s wedding to be filmed and documented in this way, I think that bride and grooms should be aware of possible clashes for your technical vendors. You want the best possible outcome from your vendors, so it’s best to talk through it with your vendors, see what are their limitations, what are they able to work with and you can work around that. I am still super grateful to have had an opportunity like this.

I will reiterate that even though Justin and Chené were blessed to have their wedding day documented and to have so much spotlight on them, it was as if those crews and us as the photographers, weren’t there at all. Their attitudes remained the same. They were more conscious of the guests when speaking than to the cameras – which is how it should be. They did not once allow the hype to get to them.

It’s photo session time! So on this particular day, it was incredibly cold! Wich was so weird because we were just entering into Winter. It was a June wedding.

None the less, these two braved the cold for their photos – they were committed to getting great pictures that will last a lifetime. I must say they did it well. Can you tell?

Even so, I tried not to keep them outside for too long – the bride always suffers the most because she has no jacket to cover her, but I made sure to get more than enough images.

The reception time has come, where everyone was waiting the arrival of Mr & Mrs Afrika.

I actually had to hold myself back from tearing up for the father and daughter dance. One is because it was such an emotional moment for Chene and two because it reminded me of my dad – they danced on a song that he loved. It was beautiful to see a display of a father’s affection for his daughter and to fully trust the man he has given her over to.

Many blessings on your covenant ahead Mr & Mrs Afrika. Thank you once again for the opportunity of photographing your absolutely beautiful wedding and to be able to capture the two of you – to capture the emotion you guys experienced on this day. You two are a remarkable couple. May God continue to bless the covenant the two of you have entered into with an abundance of grace and love.