I met Byron and Letitia early in 2018. During our journey together, I specifically started to click with Letitia. She was always asking questions and trying to get my opinion on something from a Photographer’s perspective. At the end of the day I knew more details than usual about the wedding day. Many brides think they are being a burden when they have questions that they need some help answering, but I reassured Letitia that I LOVE questions. 

I myself am someone who loves to ask questions. Yes, I was that kid who asked “Why?” for everything. I think that when you’re uncertain and there’s someone who can help, then why not? Especially when you are planning a major day!

Byron and Letitia got married at Hoogeind Manor in Somerset West. I was pretty much in awe of this venue. The detail of this venue is beyond me. 

While I was busy with Letitia, my second shooter, Ashleigh was behind us in the next room with Byron and the guys.

A cute little side note: Usually the groom doesn’t know what his bride is going to look like. But in their situation neither of them knew what the other was going to look like. Letitia did not even know Byron’s colour scheme!How gorgeous do they look together?

I must have taken so many pictures of this aunty above. She was breaking it down!

Byron and Letitia, thank you for being amazing blessings. You truly have been ideal clients for me – so much so that it felt a little more than clients. I have loved your personalities, your ideas and your patience. You are one of the sweetest and most organized people I have come across. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to have shot your beautiful wedding day.May God bless you for many more years, Mr + Mrs Gosling.