Iren and Meroline got married at a beautiful venue called D’Aria.

From their engagement shoot I could already tell they weren’t afraid to show their affection, especially Iren.

Blush Make-Up & Hair Services’s ladies did an amazing job with Meroline’s hair and make up.

Not too far away were the guys – my second shooter for the day, Kendra Friend got to shoot the guys having plenty of fun, as you’ll be able to see by the images.

Around the time that I arrived, the weather was a little disappointing. It was basically drizzling on and off – drizzling enough for the venue coordinator to have wanted to move the ceremony indoors. But with experience comes making the right call. He chose to have everything set up outdoors and it did not drizzle once during the ceremony.

D’Aria’s venue is quite large so we instead drove to the section that we were going to shoot at. This was basically the time that Iren could express even more of his affection for his now official wife.

Unfortunately by the time we returned from the couple session the rain had started to pick up so I was forced to shoot the bridal party under the covering and not in the beautiful vineyards.

I kid you not, I think when I first entered the reception venue, my jaw actually dropped at how beautiful this venue looked. My first word was “Wow”.

The majority of my wedding packages includes engagement shoots, so I always love to see how the couples incorporate their engagement photos into their wedding. How cute and delicious is this? And it was on one of my favourite chocolates. I kept it in my camera bag for almost two months before actually eating it – and it was still pretty delicious. I contemplated keeping it as a souvenir but the temptation was too high.

This couple and the crowd sure knew how to party. The bride was breaking it down!

Come rain or sunshine, a wedding will prevail – theirs sure did – and so in the same way this should be applied to our relationships and marriages. Rain and sunshine will come, but remain steadfast. To an amazing and blessed marriage, Mr & Mrs Philander. May you continue to grow together in oneness – loving one another deeply and to respect one another as you do. May your passion for one another never die out.

Many blessings on your journey ahead Mr & Mrs Philander.