This wedding was a little different from the other weddings you find on my website. The reason for that is that this wasn’t exactly a full on wedding, this was a 10 year anniversary. 

I remember the bride mentioning this as a part of her speech, saying that when she started thinking about what to do for their anniversary, it started out as a couple shoot and then somehow turned into almost a full on wedding – if this is what the 10 year anniversary is like, then I sure look forward to their 20 year anniversary!

Donovan and Monique got ready at Hilltop Guesthouse in Loevenstein.

After 10 years of marriage, came three beautiful little daughters. They were pleased to join their parents and to celebrate their love with them. .

The three little ones stared at their mom in awe as they probably saw her as a beautiful princess. And the princess happened to be their mom! How adorable are they? And how gorgeous is their mom?

I have the privilege of knowing their family on a personal basis. Monique is such an amazing mom, wife and an all-around woman. The amount of patience and love that she has for her family is overwhelming and so inspiring.

Donovan, not knowing what to expect as he awaits his bride to come down those steps – seeing the woman he married ten years ago, and still saying yes to doing life with her everyday, for the rest of his life. 

As I started shooting Donovan and Monique’s photo session, I felt someone hugging my leg – as I looked down I saw this adorable little girl watching her parents be lovey-dovey while hanging onto my leg. I wouldn’t mind this any day. Just look at her!

Then came the time to celebrate their anniversary with their closest families and friends.

Donovan and Monique, thank you for choosing me to photograph such an important day in your lives. It speaks volumes that you chose me after already going through the experience of a wedding day ten years ago. The two of are you are such amazing role models – I honour you for the vessels that you are. One of the things that stands out most for me is your humility and your generosity – you are always willing to go the extra mile for others. Thank you Mr + Mrs Redelinghuis. May you continue to grow deeper in Christ – may you fall more in love with one another as the years continue, deeper than the day you got married. 

Happy anniversary!