I’ve known Wade for about 11 or 12 years now. I met him in youth and he was always the funny one out of the lot. Him and his best man who you will see when you scroll down. 

One day I just saw on social media that he got engaged to the beautiful Kelly. Next thing I knew he asked if I could be their wedding Photographer because both him and Kelly were a fan of my work. 

I of course was over the moon and happy that they had asked me – not just because they knew me but because they actually love my work. This is one thing that I always advise – ask me to be your wedding Photographer because you genuinely love my work and my style. It’s not wise to ask someone just because you know they’re a Photographer. Make sure that the Photographer meets your needs, knowing the Photographer should then be a bonus as Wade said to me.

Wade and Kelly got married at Welbeloond wedding venue where they also got ready at. 

While I was busy shooting Kelly and the girls, my second shooter Ashleigh was over at the guys place shooting them get ready.

Seeing the couple cry as they see each other for the first time is one of the highlights of their day for me. It makes you want to cry with them!

One of the things that I loved about this wedding is how detailed Wade and Kelly were with their decor. The small little details like the chocolate, personalized heart names as a way of people seeing where they sit is a beautiful touch.

Wade and Kelly, you had an absolutely beautiful wedding. Kelly, thank you for being such a joyful person. Your laughs definitely made everyone around you laugh as well. This is something that you and Wade definitely have in common so there’s no doubt that you’re going to have a loud and fun home together.Blessings on your journey together as you have become one. May you love each other deeper and deeper as each day comes. Thank you for trusting me to capture moments that will now last forever.