In 2019, I got to meet this couple who I then heard has been together for a really long time. I think it was 7 years minimum if I’m not mistaken.Remember how long they’ve been together when you have a look at Brandon’s reaction to Melissa coming down the aisle and his facial expressions when getting ready, but – let’s first dive into Melissa and the girls’ preparation.

I had the privilege of watching both Melissa and Brandon be nervous and excited for the day they’ve been waiting for. I found that Melissa internalised her nerves a little more than Brandon. Watching them and shooting them just made me think they are so sincere and so sweet for one another.

The time has arrived, for Brandon and Melissa to become Mr & Mrs Schuller.

I actually had to stop myself from crying my eyeballs out for this sight. How beautiful it is to see a couple who have been together for years and are still so deeply in love with one another and nervous for one another! This… This was just an absolutely beautiful sight.

Their wedding was held at a beautiful venue called Ou Stal Equestrian Estate in Stellenbosch. A great benefit of this venue is that they allow you to pose with a horse. How awesome is that.

Brandon and Melissa gave the crowd quite a few surprises! First it was their walk into the reception which turned into a dance. Then their first dance turned into a funky dance of which the bridal party and their guests joined in. It looked like so much fun that I wanted to join in too! But I had a reality check of what I was there to do, haha.

May your marriage be blessed beyond measure, Mr + Mrs Schuller. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to shoot your beautiful day.