The wedding took place at Nantes Estate in Paarl, on a very very hot day! What’s that saying? You get Earth, Paarl and then the sun. Haha – just kidding (or am I?)

I was travelling via Uber at the time and the driver dropped my second photographer and I at the main
entrance of which we had no idea that the actual entrance was further down. We had some fun walking a long way down. We needed the exercise anyway.

We then entered and found that the groom and the bride’s rooms were just down the hall from one another. I went to the bride and the second photographer Mickee went to the groom. The bride was so calm and sane! This is what I love, getting ready at the venue – there’s no rushing to get to the venue – especially with unplanned traffic.

By the time her mom put on the veil, both their tears could not be contained. Her mom became drenched in the moment that she’s actually giving her daughter away. Kim, realizing that she’s leaving the nest and becoming one with her soon to be husband.

The groom was greeted by a beautiful gift by his soon to be wife, a watch that she wanted him to wear on the day of the wedding.

The groom was filled with so many emotions of being excited but also the nerves! I think guys cover their crying with nerves, haha. Hey, I could be wrong. Nonetheless, as you know the guys do not need as much time to get ready as the girls do. 

The time has come! The groom along with the guests are all waiting outside on the lawn after all the décor has been put up. Now everyone eagerly awaits the arrival of the bride.

Welcome to the part I get to have the couple all to myself. Yes, the couple shoot. Gosh, aren’t they a gorgeous couple?

By the time the couple shoot was done it was time to return back to the reception so that the party could get going. Meanwhile this is what the reception looked like before everyone entered.
Welcome to Mr & Mrs Thomas!

An amazing and purpose filled blessing to Mr & Mrs Thomas. Oscar, may God continue to instill an
amazing leader in you as a man, a leader, a provider, a comforter and a protector to your beautiful wife.
May you love her as Christ loves the church so that she may flourish in who she is called to be with the
amazing support from her husband.

Kim, may you be an amazing blessing not only to the world, but a beautiful blessing to your husband as an amazing helper, someone who encourages him, exhorts him and lifts him up even when no one sees. A woman is not meant to be dictated over, but to willingly submit – in a marriage that is equal between both man and woman. Based on the foundation of love.

A marriage is not meant to break one another, but to better one another even through the most challenging situations. Blessings on your covenant!