In 2018 I ran a wedding competition via my Facebook page – Morne and Lauren were the ones who ended up winning the competition. They’ve been together for years now, so this day was inevitable. 🙂

When I arrived at Lauren’s room, she seemed pretty calm – along with her maid of honour and bridesmaid.

Right next door was the groom and the groomsmen – my second shooter, Dominic Arendse was shooting them – and boy could I hear that they were having a good time.

Before Dominic and I made our way to the bride and groom, we made a stop at the venue first so that we could shoot the beautiful decor before the guests arrived.

Looking at Morne at first glance you’d think his the macho type – but I love how vulnerable he became just watching his soon to be bride walk down that aisle – looking absolutely radiant and beautiful.

An official hello to Mr and Mrs Van Heerden.

The wedding took place at a golf course, so the perk of that was we got to drive around in a golf cart from one photo spot to the other for the couple session – my first time! It was such a cool experience. Guys, I love the little things in life.

Let’s get this party started!

I think what’s so amazing about the line of work that I’m in is that I get to meet various kinds of people from various kinds of backgrounds and cultures. Growing up I was only ever exposed to coloured weddings. But since diving into wedding photography, I’ve been exposed to a little more – which has been an amazing experience. South Africa is just that – a diverse group of cultures. I love when I can ask questions to other cultures about the way they do things simply out of curiosity.

Just the day before their wedding my colleague told me about what I believe to be a part of the Afrikaaner culture, that the men would sit in front of the groom and basically try to interrupt his speech every chance they get, as a way of teasing him – of which I think Morne dodged very well.

At the end of the day, as diverse as our cultures are – one thing that remains is that a covenant was made – and on this day a beautiful one was made between Mr & Mrs Van Heerden.

Many blessings on your journey ahead Mr & Mrs Van Heerden.