I had the pleasure of shooting Kenny and Nyasha’s wedding day at Barrique Restaurant in Vredenheim.

I know the bride and groom on a personal level so I know a little about their story. When I met them they were basically really close friends while still dating other partners. It’s odd but everyone knew these two would end up together. It wasn’t that long before they started dating and kept it a little on the down low. 

In 2016 I ended up doing a couple shoot of them of which they were only dating for a month at the time – looking at those images now you’d see how shy they were, especially Nyasha. Today, you’ll still see Nyasha looking shy when Kenny looks at her, but you’ll also see her sass, because that’s Nyasha. She’s made up of flowers and sass, along with her intelligent and humorous partner Kenny.

While Nyasha was getting ready just up the road from the venue, Kenny was back home in a hotel getting ready with his fellow bridal party. Dominic Arendse got to shoot them getting ready.

A little shocked to see ladies? Let me fill you in. A few months before the wedding, Nyasha and Kenny shared with me that the groomsmen are actually all groomswomen.

Kenny shared that his closest friends are these awesome young women who came through varsity with him and were the realest friends he had. He wanted people to stand up next to him whom he trusted and knew that they are loyal and have his back.

When Kenny and Nyasha met, these girls were already there. It was pretty big of Nyasha to accept this unconventional way of doing things, I don’t know if I would! haha.

When I look at the images above, all I can think is “Gorgeous princess!” Just wow. Nyasha just radiated elegance.

Remember when I said Kenny is quite humorous? Well, he also loves to tease Nyasha. Instead of showing how eager he was to kiss her, as normal grooms do, he decided to lift up her veil and place it neatly down each side, taking his sweet time while Nyasha anxiously waited for the big kiss.

At this point Kenny honoured both his parents and Nyasha’s parents for the work they’ve done in raising them to become the people they are today. They went back to their roots and said thank you. Knowing that they did not get to where they are today without the covering of their parents.

As a symbol of honouring their parents, they each presented a portion of the cake to their inlaws.

Kenny and Nyasha, you guys are absolute blessings and you’re always striving to learn more, to grow in the Lord and to be examples for others. May God bless this amazing covenant that you have entered into. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to shoot this important day of your lives – it was such an honour and a real pleasure.