In the year 2019 I had the opportunity to shoot my very first Muslim wedding – and boy was beautiful!

Imraan and Farzaana tied the knot on November 2nd. This day was filled with new experiences and quite a bit of emotion from time to time.

The day started out with me going to Farzaana for her traditional preparation so that she could go to the Mosque.

While I was busy with Farzaana, my second shooter, Dominic got to shoot Imraan getting ready.

At the Mosque is where what they call the Nikkah happened. In other words – this was their ceremony. Farzaana was seated upstairs watching all of this happen with so much emotion. Usually the bride doesn’t tag along for this section but Farzaana was definitely not going to miss out on this.

I also found out that you get something called a scarf stylist – I had no idea!

The reception was absolutely gorgeous! Imraan and Farzaana actually had no idea what the reception was going to look like. The venue staff handled everything. Needless to say, Imraan and Farzaana were blown away!

This wedding was also by far the largest wedding I have ever done. They had close to 300 guests.

I had to hold my tears back for the final part of the reception. When the program was done, the female members of Imraan’s family had to fetch Farzaana from the stage and they wrapped her with a fur coat.

Imraan’s family then walked with her down the aisle and as she walked, her family and friends leaned in to hug and kiss her goodbye. This just made it so real that she is now leaving her family to become one with Imraan!

The reason you do not see Imraan anywhere is because he slipped out a little earlier to go and prepare their new home. Yes, in the Muslim religion it’s the duty of the groom to decorate their new home!

After the reception they went to their new home and presented the newly decorated home to Farzaana. Their closest family were there as they blessed their new home and covenant.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to shoot your wedding for you – the two of you are such beautiful gentle souls.

May God bless your marriage in a way that exceeds your highest expectations.