I met Andre and Nelanie toward the end of 2020. The first impression I got was that they are so reserved and just really calm in general. 

Andre and Nelanie had their beautiful wedding at Langkloof Roses in Wellington. Their wedding was toward the end of March and they managed to have a beautiful sunny day. Which is what Nelanie especially wanted. She’s like me, a coldie. 

Join me as we reflect on their day. 

I have quite a few souvenirs from the weddings that I have shot over the years. Souvenirs like this key handle. Even if the souvenirs do not have the name of the couple on it, I still remember who’s wedding it was from.

It’s such a thoughtful gift – and for couples to include vendors in this is such a sweet gift. These do not go unnoticed. 

Are you wondering whats happening in the image above? Let’s just say her bridesmaids (sisters) are having a ball of a time.

I need to stop you here. Whenever the processional happens, I’m pretty much looking through my viewfinder (camera) 99% of the time. 

So as the processional happens, I’m shooting, shooting, shooting. When it gets to this shot above, I’m shooting and I stop to see with my eyes what was happening.

I probably shot Andre staring at Nelanie 10 times before I looked with my own eyes and realized that he couldn’t stop looking at her. I also noticed that he was tearing up as he stared at her. This made me want to cry! You guys know how I get when I see the groom being vulnerable in this way. 

Mr & Mrs Lammertyn, thank you for being one of the easiest couples to work with. Your gentle spirits were so welcoming. I have thoroughly enjoyed our journey together – thank you for allowing me to photograph two special occasions in your lives, your engagement and your wedding day. 

May God bless this beautiful covenant that you have made. May you grow deeper in love with one another as God leads you over the years. 

Have an amazing marriage Mr & Mrs Lammertyn! 


Photographer: Charlene D. Edwards Photography + Ashleigh Swartz

Venue: Langkloof Roses, Wellington
Make-up Artist: Marzanne du Preez
Hair Stylist: Marzanne du Preez
Dress: Didi Couture
Suit: Woolworths
Bridesmaid Dresses: Bridal Aisle
Groomsmen Suits: Woolworths
Flowers: Langkloof Roses
DJ: SoundPrint