I met Cleavant and Florentia January, 2020 when they decided to book me. From the get go I picked up that both of them are extremely kind and gentle spirited. One of the things that I loved about them early on was that they are down to earth and they have a great sense of humour! 

When they booked me, it was before covid hit Cape Town, South Africa. The plan was to have their wedding at Welbeloond Functions in Milnerton, but as the year progressed, there was great uncertainty regarding the wedding industry. Which meant a lot of uncertainty for brides and grooms who struggled to plan for their day. 

Cleavant and Florentia came to a decision and decided to have their wedding at their home, which happened to be across the bridge from me. And boy was this a beautiful and incredibly magical wedding. 

One of the things that made this wedding so magical was to watch their parents be there for them. Cleavant never put cufflinks on before this day which meant he struggled to put it on on his own. His dad saw and came up and helped him so effortlessly and joyously.

As I write this it’s quite emotional just to see this. It’s a beautiful representation of a father raising his son up to be a man and one day a father and a husband.

The ceremony was set up in their backyard and I must say, they did a beautiful job.

Okay, I have to stop you here! Listen… I don’t usually tear up as much as I did for this wedding. When I saw Cleavant’s reaction to Florentia who hadn’t turned into the aisle yet, made me want to ball my eyes out.

I had to get a hold of myself very quickly and shoot with teary eyes.

Let me explain this expression on Cleavant’s face. Florentia messaged me leading up to the wedding day and told me that she is surprising Cleavant with one of his favourite cars. Do not ask me what kind of car it was, I’m lost there.

While everyone was waiting outside, they called Cleavant and he was under the impression that he needed to look into the direction of the car so that one of the guests could take a photo of him and Florentia, while not even realizing that this car is standing right there.

This face palm moment was when he noticed. Boy was he ecstatic! The reward for an amazing wife goes to Florentia.

Mr & Mrs Meyer, thank you for allowing me into your lives, to be able to capture one of the most important days of your life and to capture those important around you.

This journey has truly been such a blessing, and I’m grateful to have met the two of you and your families. At your wedding I could personally see so much love that your family has for you, how much they adore you and the distance they will go for you. 

I saw your immense gratitude toward them, your love for them and your appreciation for them. It’s one of the many many reasons that made your wedding so magical. I hope this was not the last time that we work together. 

May God richly bless your covenant, your families and the generations to come after you. Have an amazing and beautiful marriage. 


Photographer: Charlene D. Edwards Photography
Make-up Artist: Andees Angels (Andrea)
Hair Stylist: Teagan Arendse
Dress: Special Ocassions
Suit: Eurosuits
Bridesmaid Dresses: Alison
Groomsmen Suits: Eurosuits
Cake: Indulgence SA
Flowers: Madge Swano
DJ: Malcolm Sass